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SK Brand and Cultural Commitments

07 - 14 ‧ 2023

Three Core Principles of the SK Brand


SK is dedicated to sustainability, with integrity as its foundation. Whether towards consumers, partners, colleagues, products, processes, or channels, SK insists on treating everyone with honesty. Only through integrity can they create products that touch people's hearts, becoming a sustainable company with warmth.


"The world is changing, and standing still means falling behind." SK values education and actively innovates to meet market demands. We maintain flexibility to embrace challenges, adopting a better attitude, product design, and work methods without compromise. SK always believes that only through change can they stay at the cutting edge.


Upholding quality is SK's responsibility, expertise, and pride. We put ourselves in the consumers' shoes, scrutinizing every product and service. We rigorously monitor each production process and provide thoughtful and efficient after-sales service, striving to become Taiwan's leading nail clipper brand. SK's products astonish and captivate your heart!

Six Essential Traits of SK Culture

Attitude: The company is a second home; SK employees collectively create a friendly and safe work environment. They emphasize humility, learning, and treating each other sincerely with expressions like "please," "thank you," and "I'm sorry."

Learning: SK sets up a communal bookshelf, encouraging self-driven learning. Registered books are available for borrowing, and they even have a learning passport system, promoting diverse learning and professional certification to enhance soft skills and innovation.

Gratitude: They have a gratitude box where the person writing the most gratitude notes each month is recognized, fostering the practice of recognizing blessings in life and honoring others.

Health: A healthy company relies on healthy individuals. SK values the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of its employees, encouraging habits of exercise and self-reflection. The company organizes group participation in sporting events like the Tanaka Marathon and encourages employees to get moving for half an hour after work.

Philanthropy: SK takes from society and gives back to society. They prioritize ESG sustainability goals, focusing on reducing carbon emissions in processes, promoting women's rights in the workplace, talent development, and charitable contributions, organizing occasional charity gift box sales.

Joy: SK places importance on every employee's significant life moments, caring about each other's happiness and sorrows, aiming to create memorable moments together. Monthly birthday celebrations, sporadic staff trips, and gatherings are cherished memories among colleagues.